Cold Weather Running Gear

Base Layers

Nike Swoosh Bra_product photo

Sports Bra: Nike Women’s Pro Swoosh Medium-Support Padded Sports Bra (Dick’s Sporting Goods)

It says “padded,” but really it’s just an insert that helps prevent any inadvertant pointing and “they could cut glass” situations in the cold 🫣   They are supportive enough for long runs or speed workouts without being too tight. I wear these year round.

Fit: Choose based on your bra size vs. shirt size.

Colors Owned: Black, Verulian Blue, Coral Chalk (pink), Biotech (purple), White.

long sleeve cotton race tees Product photo

Shirts: Long Sleeve Cotton Race Tees

I know it’s not fancy and there is a lot of merit to performance materials, but wearing cotton long sleeves for winter works for me. In fact, I find them to be both warmer (material is thicker than wicking) and easier to layer.

If it’s above freezing, I will only wear one, though I may put a short sleeve performance shirt from summer training or races under it.

Below freezing, I tend to just double up on the long sleeves. Plus, this way I get to keep wearing the tees from past races and spend my money on gear that’s more important to me. (Like bras, shoes, pants and actual races.)

_Zyia Light N Tight black reflective Product photo

Pants: Pocket Light N Tight High Rise 24″  (Zyia Active)

This brand & style are the ONLY running leggings I wear. They have just the right amount of compression without feeling like a stuffed sausage and

I have yet to find a pair of fleece lined running pants for those sub-20° days, so for now I still wear these and just embrace the fact that it’ll take about 1-2 miles for my legs to truly feel “warm.”

Fit: They come in a range (6-8 ; 8-10, etc) so go with the one where your size is the top of the range. I wear the 8-10 and usually a 10 in regular pants. Also 5’3″, I wear the 24″ in winter and they come all the way to my ankles.

Color: 10+ pairs, but the ones show in the photo are Black Reflective

inspirational socks

Socks: Gone for a Run Inspiration Athletic Socks (Amazon)

So comfortable and come in packs of 3 with different phrases on each. Plus, they’re just fun. They have a bit of thickness to them, but not quite the weight of wool, which is too much for me.

Top Layers

running vests _product photo

Vests: Women’s Lightweight Poly-fill Packable Vest (32Degrees)

I truly could not be MORE obsessed with these vests. They are truly lightweight and still pack nice warmth in them. The pockets are easy to access with solid placement and zipping ease for pulling gels or stashing gloves (or tissues.)

Plus, there is plenty of room for layers underneath. Add in a killer price point and so many colors and you can’t lose.

Fit: TTS, I wear a Medium (+ they hit at the hip so no worries about cold wind blowing UP.)

Colors Owned: All of them.

shit that i knit hat Product photo

Beanie:  Knit Hat with Pom Pom (Sh!t That I Knit)

I am all about a beanie to keep the head warm and pom poms are preferred. Fun part about this hat, besides it being handmade by a woman-owned small business, is that the poms are interchangeable! You can just snap one off and put another on.

I have a variety of beanies from other companies as well, but this has been the most warm one for sure.

lululemon running gloves Product photo

Gloves:  Women’s Fast and Free Hooded Running Gloves (lululemon)

These have been solid both in cold weather and light snow. The fingers have the touch pads so I can use my phone to take a photo or change music without needing to expose my hands to the cold.

Plus, I love the mitten addition. It is not uncommon for me to wear the mitten, remove it when my hands get a little toasty, then put it back after the Chicago headwinds come for me.

The only downside is that once they get wet, they are WET. Avoid wearing in a downpour or playing in the snow on your run and you’ll be fine.