Speaker Experience

I have never found a stage or microphone that I didn’t like so it thrills me when I’m invited to speak to a group.

My experience as a public speaker extends to large (i.e. thousands) and small groups alike for marketing education seminars, keynotes, private marketing & sales trainings, conferences, podcast, virtual events and broadcast news.

My speaking style centers around a single core principle:

You don’t have to be boring to be insightful, educational and valuable to the audience.

Here are some samples of my recent gigs demonstrate how I can keep your audience engaged as a keynote speaker.

Why You Need Personal Branding As An Event Pro

BizBash Virtual Spring Conference

How to Do Effective (And Flexible) Event Marketing

BizBash Puerto Rico

Studio Chats: Event Marketing Tips

Hubilo Podcast

Transparent Marketing Strategies & Crisis Communications

The Event Buzz Podcast

Virtual Workplace Wellness Summit: Getting Started With Running

American Heart Association – Chattanooga

Know Your Audience – Effective Event Marketing

Meeting Protocol, Virtual Event

Marketing Your Event Business

B2E Event Workshops, Miami

When (and How) To Rebrand

2017 Signature CEO Conference

Topics of Expertise

I don’t know everything, but what I know, I KNOW. I can talk about the following topics forwards, backwards and six ways from Sunday – guaranteeing each way is amusing/inspiration (as the need fits) AND educational.

Professional Development Topics

Creating An Effective Marketing Strategy

Client Relations Tactics That Bring Clients Back Over & Over


Website Design & Development

Connecting Marketing to Sales

Event Marketing & Promotions

Effective Writing Techniques (Blog, Sales, Marketing & Long-form)

Entrepreneurship (And weathering it’s full on rollercoaster!)

Personal Development Topics

Heart Health

Overcoming Adversity (Example here)

Running – All the Things (i.e. From getting started one step at a time, to running marathons)

Breaking Societal Stereotypes (Unmarried woman in her late 30s  who is actually happy🙋🏻‍♀️)

Recovering from Heart Break (I’ve got a whole book on this coming out…)

Why I Became An Advocate for Therapy

Think I may be the right speaker for your next event? 

Shoot me a message and let’s setup a call discuss.