Speaker Experience

I have never found a stage or microphone that I didn’t like so it thrills me when I’m invited to speak to a group.

My experience as a public speaker extends to large (i.e. thousands) and small groups alike for marketing education seminars, keynotes, private marketing & sales trainings, conferences, podcast, virtual events and broadcast news.

My speaking style centers around a single core principle:

You don’t have to be boring to be insightful, educational and valuable to the audience.

Here are some samples of my recent gigs demonstrate how I can keep your audience engaged as a keynote speaker.

Don’t Lose Your Attendees Between Events

Expo Inc. Webinar

How to Do Effective (And Flexible) Event Marketing

BizBash Puerto Rico

Why You Need Personal Branding As An Event Pro

BizBash Virtual Spring Conference

Studio Chats: Event Marketing Tips

Hubilo Podcast

Transparent Marketing Strategies & Crisis Communications

The Event Buzz Podcast

Virtual Workplace Wellness Summit: Getting Started With Running

American Heart Association – Chattanooga

Know Your Audience – Effective Event Marketing

Meeting Protocol, Virtual Event

Marketing Your Event Business

B2E Event Workshops, Miami

When (and How) To Rebrand

2017 Signature CEO Conference

Topics of Expertise

I don’t know everything, but what I know, I KNOW. I can talk about the following topics forwards, backwards and six ways from Sunday – guaranteeing each way is amusing/inspiration (as the need fits) AND educational.

Professional Development Topics

Creating An Effective Marketing Strategy

Client Relations Tactics That Bring Clients Back Over & Over


Website Design & Development

Connecting Marketing to Sales

Event Marketing & Promotions

Effective Writing Techniques (Blog, Sales, Marketing & Long-form)

Entrepreneurship (And weathering it’s full on rollercoaster!)

Personal Development Topics

Heart Health

Overcoming Adversity (Example here)

Running – All the Things (i.e. From getting started one step at a time, to running marathons)

Breaking Societal Stereotypes (Unmarried woman in her late 30s  who is actually happy🙋🏻‍♀️)

Recovering from Heart Break (I’ve got a whole book on this coming out…)

Why I Became An Advocate for Therapy

Think I may be the right speaker for your next event? 

Shoot me a message and let’s setup a call discuss.