Motivational Keynote Speaker

I have never found a stage or microphone that I couldn’t handle, so it thrills me when I’m invited to share my story with a new audience.

My experience as a public speaker extends to large (i.e. thousands) and small groups alike for marketing education seminars, keynotes, private marketing & sales trainings, conferences, podcast, virtual events and broadcast news.

My speaking style centers around a single core principle:

You don’t have to be boring to be insightful, educational and valuable to the audience.

Keynote Abstract

My signature keynote focuses around overcoming adversity and applying the lessons learned into all areas of professional and personal life.

From Heart Attacks to High Mileage

Channing Muller is not what you’d expect as a poster child for heart disease, yet that’s precisely what she is. Well, that and a survivor of heart disease. At just 26 years old she experienced two heart attacks, one month apart.

A recreational runner, vegetarian for more than a decade and still she found herself crawling through an emergency room door, not knowing what exactly had gone wrong with her heart.

Come to hear her inspiring story where she shares:

              • What exactly happened and the warning signs that could save your (or a loved one’s) life
              • The top three life lessons learned on the path from that first emergency room visit to the first marathon finish line
              • How she applies those lesson to her personal and professional life


…AND how you can too!

(Without the whole “have a heart attack and figure out how to run a marathon” portion.) 

“First off, your energy and enthusiasm was absolutely contagious, and your insights left everyone feeling inspired and ready to conquer the world!

Your willingness to be transparent, and share your stories and experiences was truly empowering. It’s not every day that we get to hear from such kick-ass women leaders, and I feel incredibly lucky to have had you on this panel.”

– Lauren Petrosky, ExpoPass

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Previous Speaking Gigs

Here are some videos from past speaking engagements demonstrating how I can keep your audience engaged, educated, and amused all at the same time!

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